Well, it seems the year of 2014 is well on its way and I have yet to sit down and write a blog until now, but it’s been hectic and busy so far this year from trying to work on novels and get the manuscript(s) complete, studying for my veterinarian technician classes, and working a full time job. Throw in the Holiday Season of 2013 and the beginnings of a new year and you have … ? … you guessed it. Not enough time with too much to do or in shorter terms, controlled chaos. 🙂

Anyways,  in my last post I informed you that my family lost one of our dearly beloved cats. Her name was Precious and she lived a long and plentiful fifteen years with my family. We lost her to cancer and although it’s hard we are starting to move past our grief because despite her being gone the sun still rises and sets everyday and one must go on. We adopted a new kitty shortly after her passing to ease the angst who goes by the name of Cruiz and down below are a couple of pictures. The top photo is when we first got him (he was itty bitty at only six weeks of age) and the bottom photo is him a couple days ago (he’s gotten big 🙂).

 Cruiz 4 Cruiz 3

 On another note, I have currently been working on my novels while juggling studying for school (almost done with the first semester for this degree) at the same time. I finished a manuscript for one novel and I am currently in the process of working on my sequel to Nothing More, Nothing Less and finishing another manuscript. So with that said I wanted to give a little bit of a peek into my new novel, but I want to tweak it a little first so by the next post I should have an excerpt for your reading entertainment.

Lastly, I hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of 2014. I know the weather down here in Texas can’t make up its mind, that is for sure, but so far my year has been quite a busy one and it’s only going to continue. So … until next time have fun and enjoy life.