Nothing More. Nothing Less.
the latest novel by Ashley Dukart.

Future projects

Young Adult Fiction

Sequel to Nothing More, Nothing Less: A continuation of Brandon’s life and how he deals with his past and his future.

Unknown Title: Includes four books. A novel about a werewolf pack and its leader who is dealing with his past and trying to overcome what it may cause for his future.

Unknown Title: A novel involving a young teenager in high school dealing with substance abuse and alcohol.

Unknown Title: A young adult involved with the wrong crowd, particularly a gang in which he almost loses his life.

Unknown Title: A novel about a farm girl who loses everything and must regain it from the ground up

Children’s’ Fiction

Unknown Title: A series about a cat

Unknown Title: A series about horses and a girl

Completed (but Unpublished) Projects

Unknown Title: Two books involving a vampire and overcoming his past to love a girl he knows he can never really have. (The first book is finished but needs major correction. The sequel has been started but never finished.)