So, the past week has been a tough one for everyone it seems. It’s hard to fathom the strength and courage it takes to deal with what took place in Boston and Waco. These two incidents struck terror and fear into the hearts of millions, but despite the panic and shock you see and feel when you watch the videos on the news; it’s amazing to see people run to help those in need. People who put their own lives in danger to help those involved; to ease their pain and get them out of harm’s way and to the safety of medical assistance.

The tragedies are still fresh in everyone’s mind and people continue to pick up their lives the best they can despite the pain and loss. I can’t imagine the agony and damage that the people involved suffered or felt, but I do know that no matter the devastation, the loss, the suffering; there is still hope. People will pick up and band together. They will rebuild and they will continue their lives the best they can. In time the wounds will heal, but the memories will always remain.

These tragedies have affected  many and they need our help, so please do what you can whether it’s volunteering, donating your time or money, or even taking the time to think of those involved. Every little bit of hope helps because even the slightest smile can brighten someone’s day. These tragedies may have happened in one place, but they have affected people all over. So you never know; who you’re passing on the street or even in the store may have been involved or affected by loss or grief from these tragedies, and that small smile or glimpse of hope may be all they need to get through the day. So please, lend a helping hand in any way that you can. Thanks.