So it’s been a while since I’ve wrote a blog and things have been so busy, but now that I have a moment…So, when I first decided to think about publishing I looked on the internet, which is sometimes a person’s best friend. In this case it was for me. I ran across a small publishing company called Beaver’s Pond Press. Interest peaked; I decided to take a look. After much browsing of their web-page I made my decision to get into contact with them. They responded back and shortly after I was meeting with one of their personal to discuss publishing my book.

That night after the meeting I sent my manuscript into them, anxious and nervous all at the same time. Two weeks. I had to wait two weeks for feedback. Now if you knew me you would know that patience is not always a strong point of mine, especially if I’m stressing over something. So two weeks, was like waiting a year and finally a sent an email asking if they had any idea yet if they were going to accept my book or not.

The email I received changed my life. My manuscript had been accepted and all I could remember thinking was ‘no way’ and screaming. So began the indie publishing experience.

The first thing was an editor. I knew my manuscript needed editing, but it wasn’t just giving it to an editor, he or she makes the changes and ‘ta-da’ you’re ready to print. Oh no. Editing takes hours upon hours, days upon days, and sometimes weeks upon weeks to complete. I remember receiving my edited manuscript back and having to go through and accept or reject each and every change my editor had suggested. There were times it was tedious and boring but at other times I really enjoyed it. So after about, oh I’m not entirely sure anymore, two months (???) I was done editing and sent it back to the project manager for the next step.

The proofreading was next, which involved the same process as the editing, so not much to talk about there. However, the next part was deciding on a cover. This was my favorite part and I couldn’t wait to see what covers my cover designer came up with. That was probably the second hardest thing I had to wait on and when I finally saw them I was overjoyed. It took a little bit to pick out just the right one, but I finally chose and we got it right.

Now, during this process the book wasn’t just sitting on the sidelines. I was busy figuring up the synopsis, the acknowledgments, and my author bio; of course with a little help. 😀 Anyways after everything was said and done the interior design was created and then the book was off to print.

So, I can honestly say it was a lot of work even though it doesn’t sound like it and it does cost a little bit to use a company for help, but as I sit here typing my second blog I can finally believe that I have written and published a book.