Nothing More. Nothing Less.
the latest novel by Ashley Dukart.

First and foremost, my name is Ashley Dukart. I was born in Texas, and have been an artist and bookworm all of my life. I love to read and draw and have so many books that I have no idea where to put them all now, but hey what’s a bookworm without a massive amount of books? So you’d be thinking, she’s creative and artsy, school must not be her strong point, but I also have always had a strong knack for school as well. I love science and math and always have, it’s kind of my thing and I love to learn.

My ultimate goal in life is to become a veterinarian, which means I’m going to school to hopefully someday achieve my D.V.M, which is a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine. So, now you’re probably asking, “Vet? She wants to be a veterinarian? Then what in the world is she doing writing and publishing fiction novels?” Well to answer that question, I don’t really know myself. It was just something that I started when I was younger and around my middle school years I decided that I really liked to write, and so, here I am today with my first book in for publication, titled, Nothing More, Nothing Less.

I spend a lot of my spare time writing these days, it’s just something I love to do and enjoy. My company as I write consists of two birds, a sun conure and a fancy cinnamon green cheek conure, and two cats, a seal point Siamese and a Tonkinese. The cats’ names are Muffin and Precious. The birds’ names are Captain S. and Calypso.

When I’m not writing I’m either going to school to further my education for my career or working. If I’m not working or studying, I’m hanging with my friends or indulging in my other hobbies which include drawing/painting, reading, and hand weaving. I read a multitude of books, too many to list and love listening to music any time of the day especially when I write. I listen to many types of music, but I would have to say my favorite genre is country.  However, country is not the genre I listen to when I write most of the time. When I write I listen to music that fits the mood or the scene that I am writing so it switches drastically when I’m in the zone.

If you have any other questions you can contact me via my contact page.

Currently I am working on a sequel to Nothing More, Nothing Less and several other novels. They will become available as I finish and publish them. I hope you enjoy my first novel and will continue to read for years to come as I hope to continue writing for years to come. I currently live in Texas with my family and I am continuing to write for my own enjoyment and hopefully for yours’, the readers’, as well.